Some Facts of Erectile Dysfunction

All of us overheard that the man’s erectile function directly depends on heredity, ecology and way of life, but it appears, from time to time the most unexpected things can affect libido by no means, not in the best way and even to provoke erectile dysfunction.

The erection begins with teeth!

The Israeli scientists have established that there is a direct interrelation between a man’s erectile function and mouth health. The experiment includes the participation of 800 volunteers. the Israeli physicians claim that caries and periodontosis lead to problems with an erection. However, it wasn’t possible yet to define how the existence of mouth diseases affects erectile function.

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Prelude: be not lazy to play!

Scientists from the Massachusetts University of andrology have found out that man’s impotence is provoked by a lack of prelude before sexual intercourse. The matter is that the vagina excretes unique substance – neuropeptide which leads to deterioration in the erectile function of the partner. The lazy lover doesn’t even realize that the female organism is capable of such artful and sophisticated “revenge”! And this substance is capable to be absorbed through the skin and to collect in an organism, getting even through a condom. Be attentive to your partner and if there are some problems with female libido you may recommend to order Pink Female Viagra via Main Drug Store to increase the sexual desire.

Take the correct pose!

Spanish scientists claim that nearly 40 % of cases of sexual dysfunction at men is explained by the wrong posture during sleeping. The habit to sleep on stomach leads to long squeezing of bladder and blood vessels are incapable of ensuring adequate blood supply. The probable result is erectile dysfunction. Continuing a subject about postures, it should be noted one more unprofitable for man’s health situation during sleeping, namely too highly raised head. The matter is that in such situation insufficient blood supply of the brain and hypophysis is observed. It is responsible for the release of male sex hormones. As a result, the level of testosterone decreases and a man loses “force” day after day.

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