What Is Full Medical Screening?

A full medical screening (check-up) is a program for early diagnosis of diseases, which includes a complete set of tests and studies that will allow you to answer the question in a day: is everything in order with your health? Such a medical examination should be done every year on the recommendation of the World Health Organization.

Examinations vary by sex and age (up to 40 years and after 40 years). There is a program where, in addition to basic research (basic tests, ultrasound examinations, and medical examinations), gastroscopy (examination of the stomach) and colonoscopy (examination of the intestine) are also performed. In the process of these procedures, we take all the necessary analyzes (cytological, histological).

What does a full medical examination include?

An examination is a check of the whole organism state, which is carried out when visiting doctors of a very different profile – a therapist, a surgeon, an ophthalmologist, etc. It is also necessary to pass tests for various indicators, check tumor markers.

The list of necessary measures for each person is different. It all depends on gender, age, as well as on existing diseases and hereditary pathologies. In any case, it is worth preparing that you cannot complete all the procedures in one day. Plan your medical examination schedule in advance, try to allocate at least a couple of free days for specialists to pass.

If a complete examination of the body cannot be done at all, then at least a general urine and blood test should be taken, as well as a visit to a therapist. Women should add the visit to the gynecologist to the list.

Where to undergo a medical examination?

Experts say that if a person is healthy and has no pathologies, a complete check-up every 3 years will be more than enough. But if there is a likelihood of being at risk zone (for example, diabetics and hypertensive patients), then the examination should be conducted at least once a year. And if there is a hereditary disease in the family history, it should be regularly examined 5 years earlier than the disease first manifested among relatives. If desired, you can undergo a medical examination in a private clinic.

How to prepare for a medical examination?

To save time and money, it is better to contact the medical institution where you are going to be examined in advance. Find out what preparatory measures are best to take, if possible – make an appointment with the main specialists.

It is better to come to the clinic in the morning, it is better to refrain from eating. You may have to pass the necessary tests. You should not abuse heavy, fatty and fried foods, as well as alcohol. Bring a bottle of water and a small snack if you need to have a break.

Take a medical card with you. And if you are going to a medical examination for the first time – ask your relatives about whether you have any diseases in your family. This information will help professionals to get an idea of the possible risks.