Information about Premature Ejaculation

Judging from sociological researches it has been established that about a half of men, and even is more, suffer from early ejaculation. It means that this problem is so widespread, as well as erectile dysfunction. Let’s sort this problem.

What Is the Problem?

Fast approaches of ejaculation are considered when the man makes only several frictions, sometimes and before doesn’t reach. But at everyone duration of sexual intercourse is individual. The man tries to bring the partner to an orgasm, and only than already to finish himself. If it is impossible for him, then he can have a feeling of awkwardness, constraint. Besides, the woman can strengthen the feeling of disappointment to the partner too. If such situation proceeds at least several times, then the problem of an early ejaculation on the psychological plan is provided to you.

According to physicians, average sexual intercourse lasts 3 – 5 minutes. If the woman has already received a portion of exciting caress, then during this time she can quite receive an orgasm. As a result of it, the orgasm is guaranteed to both. There are hard cases when the man finishes even before the introduction of the cavernous body to the vagina. If to consider a number of frictions, then less than 30 are already a problem.

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Reasons for Early Ejaculation

Often, the problem can arise at teenage age at young guys who have no sexual experience. It occurs from – for nervous overexcitation, high sensitivity of cavernous body or in the increased amount of hormones. After several frictions there comes the orgasm. It is considered normal for any teenager. Further, the act becomes longer. But it happens and so when sexual failure is postponed on mentality and all further sexual life spoils but it can be solved together with Main Drug Store.

Sexual failure of fast action can be connected with the fact that sex happened in conditions to restriction of time. Therefore the premature ejaculation is fixed at the reflex level. For example, the apartment which here – parents here could enter was a striking example.

Renewal of sex life after a long break can lead to a problem also. At the same time there comes overexcitation that leads to fast completion of sexual intercourse. But you shouldn’t be afraid of it strongly as if not to go in cycles, then it will pass soon.

Too strong activity of the partner. The woman can violently show emotions, is frank caress the man, thereby, strongly exciting, and it accelerates the approach of an orgasm. That it didn’t happen, just try to have a talk on an intimate subject with each other.

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