Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Male potency is the ability to have sex. Erectile dysfunction is the opposite concept, it is the inability to complete sexual intercourse. When a man has impotence, it is very difficult or impossible for him to get excited. A man can not be called impotent if he does not have a sexual desire.

The causes of erectile dysfunction may be numerous. There are many factors that affect men’s health, for example, nervous tension or various functional disorders. The fact of a serious violation of potency can be established when a man does not have a sex drive and his ejaculatory functions are violated.

Remember that impotence implies a lack of orgasm.Psychotherapy-treatment-for-erectile-dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction causes

The disease is classified according to the factors that cause this disorder. Erectile dysfunction risk factors can be physiological and mental. In common cases, the disease is temporary. Mental impotence is called nonspecific. If the disease is caused by a physical ailment, you should know that it can be diabetes, hypertension, diseases of the nervous system.

Disorders of the nervous system inhibit the signaling of excitation in the brain. In rare cases, a man has a low level of testosterone, and sexual attraction is blocked. Hormonal disorders can also cause impotence.

The mental nature of impotence is quite different and opposite to physiological. In this case, the inability to ejaculate is caused by stress, fear, nervous tension. The mere thought of one’s own impotence can lead to the disease. With erectile dysfunction, an erection may preserve, but be very weak and short. To prevent a psychological erectile dysfunction, you should not think you are impotent.

In frequent cases, temporary impotence occurs as a result of loads, both physical and psychological. To recover potency, you need to lead a healthy way of life: do not overload yourself with stresses, let the body rest. In other situations, the cause of the disease can be excessive concentration on sexual intercourse.

Influence of physical and mental ailments

If a man pays too much attention to the size of his penis, there may be sexual problems. Remember that this reduces self-esteem. Sexual function may decrease if a man over 40 has refrained from having sexual intercourse for a long time. At this age, sexual functions recover easily if intimate life gets better again.

Sometimes, a man has no problems with his wife, but man experiences an inability to ejaculate with another woman. Temporary impotence can also occur when the couple is used to have sex in similar conditions. When conditions change, sexual intercourse may not happen. To avoid this, you should change the conditions from time to time.

One of the most important causes of erectile dysfunction is smoking. If a man smokes more than 20 cigarettes per day, he may easily become impotent. If you quit this addiction, sexual functions will be normalized. In general, smoking prevents normal ejaculation. Main  Leader Drug Store recommends refusing tobacco at the age of 30-40. Remember that alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction. The more alcohol a man drinks, the worse his sexual abilities become. In 60% of cases, impotence develops in patients with diabetes mellitus.

Another common cause of impotence is obesity. If a man has excess weight, he should get rid of it as soon as possible, and then the male functions will return to normal again. Regular exercise will certainly help. But do not overload yourself with exercises. Moderate physical activity is useful because it improves the blood supply to the genital organs. Note that cycling has a negative effect on regaining potency.

Erectile dysfunction can be treated by various methods. To achieve maximum results, we recommend using complex erectile dysfunction therapy. Note that some methods may not be appropriate in a particular situation. First of all, you need to find out whether the violation is physical or mental. Based on this, a doctor can make a conclusion about which drug for erectile dysfunction to choose. You need to analyze how often you notice sexual dysfunction, whether it happens, whether you have an erection during sleep. These questions will help you to understand if you have erectile dysfunction. Often, the disease occurs against the background of stressful experiences.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction is aimed at eliminating physical and mental causes. If you notice the first signs of erectile dysfunction, you need to contact a sexologist or a urologist. If a mental illness problem is revealed, you should consult an experienced psychologist. Erectile dysfunction can be effectively treated with pills from Leader Pharmacy, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and many others.

Psychotherapy treatment for erectile dysfunction

Often, a single man does not have a relationship with the opposite sex. In this case, he has low self-esteem and, as a result, impotence. But this problem can be solved by a couple of sessions of psychotherapy.

The doctor should help you overcome stress and regain self-confidence. In the case of psychological erectile dysfunction, a woman can also help.

Drugs from Main Drug Store are aimed at eliminating the physiological causes of the disease. A man should take the medicine at the correct dose. Sexual stimulation is compulsory.

As a rule, the medicine should be taken once a day, the tablet starts to act about 30 minutes after administration. We do not recommend taking the pills without consulting a doctor.

In severe types of erectile dysfunction, the disease is treated with injections into the genitals. The injections should be made three times per week only. Excessive use of injections can lead to complete impotence and other complications. However, this treatment option is not very convenient. Such procedures are applied only as a last resort. They cause severe itching in the penis.

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